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Procurement – Galo City
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What We Do

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we are your procument team

Our Procurement team supplies and delivers goods and  services to the government of the Republic of South Africa and the private sector through the procurement systems structured by the respective client. Our company has a highly skilled and experienced team of procurement professionals who deal with the sourcing activities, negotiations and strategic selection of goods and services for each specific client so as to improve the organization’s profitability.

As such we offer a full range of fairly priced quality products and services that are essential to today’s business environment.

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Galo City Procurement



  • Office Supplies
  • Information Equipment
  • Daily necessities
  • IT equipment
  • Catering
  • Groceries
  • Employee Training programs.
  • Mining and quarrying equipment and machinery
  • Oil and gas drilling and exploration equipment
  • Well drilling and operation equipment
  • Oil and gas drilling and operational material
  • Hydraulic machinery and equipment
  • Hardware
  • Grind, polishing and smoothing materials
  • Adhesives and sealants


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Galo 24 specializes in supplies and delivery of goods/services to the government of the Republic of South Africa and the private sector.

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